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Deaf Culture

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  1. Where I Stand by John Lee Clark

    Where I Stand *Autographed Copy*


    Receive an autographed copy of Where I Stand by John Lee Clark when you order now, available only from Harris Communications! Quantities limited.
    Through his lucid and accessible prose, John Lee Clark's Where I Stand delves into issues facing the signing community. Learn More
  2. Deaf American Poetry front cover

    Deaf American Poetry


    Spanning more than 200 years, this collection presents 95 poems by 35 Deaf American poets from the signing community. Theirs is a remarkable record of development parallel to the verse for better known poets during that period. Learn More
  3. Hearing, Mother Father Deaf

    Hearing, Mother Father Deaf


    This collection explores the richness and complexity of the lives of hearing people in deaf families. It includes a comprehensive description of the societal influences at work in the lives of deaf people and their hearing children, which serves as a backdrop for the essays. Learn More
  4. Signs and Voices

    Signs and Voices


    Cochlear implants, mainstreaming, genetic engineering, and other ethical dilemmas confronting deaf people require a new, wide-ranging examination of these issues, a mandate fulfilled by this book. Learn More
  5. Burn Down the Ground

    Burn Down the Ground


    In this powerful, affecting, and unflinching memoir, a daughter looks back on her unconventional childhood with deaf parents in rural Texas while trying to reconcile it to her present life - one in which her father is serving a twenty-year sentence in a maximum-security prison. Learn More
  6. Introduction to American Deaf Culture

    Introduction to American Deaf Culture


    Introduction to American Deaf Culture provides an in-depth exploration of how Deaf people are best understood from a cultural perspective. Topics covered include how culture is defined, how the concept of culture can be applied to the Deaf experience, and how Deaf culture has evolved over the years. Learn More
  7. Ann Silver: One Way, Deaf Way

    Ann Silver: One Way, Deaf Way


    This book gives you entry into the life and art of Ann Silver, an incredible woman who has done much with her life, traveling the world, meeting presidents and prime ministers, charming her way into situations and places few would imagine possible for anyone. This book is an art biography because it is about her art, but it is also about her life. It reads in chronological format, starting with her birth and leads the reader through various stages in her life and artwork up to the present. Learn More
  8. Deaf-Blind Reality

    Deaf-Blind Reality


    Most stories about disabled people are very inspirational, but never give a complete view of the daily challenges faced. Deaf-Blind Reality explores what life is really life for persons with a combination of vision and hearing loss, and in a few cases, other disabilities as well. Learn More
  9. Deaf Mental Health Care

    Deaf Mental Health Care


    This volume presents a state-of-the-art account of mental health care of deaf people. All mental health professionals who work with deaf individuals will find this book to be an invaluable resource for creating and maintaining culturally affirmative treatment with this population. Learn More
  10. Madness in the Mainstream by Mark Drolsbaugh

    Madness in the Mainstream


    Madness in the Mainstream is a rare account of what goes on behind the scenes in educational settings. Deaf author Mark Drolsbaugh pulls no punches as he reveals the consequences of life in the mainstream for deaf and hard of hearing students. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 61 total

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