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Deaf Culture

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  1. The History of Special Education

    The History of Special Education


    This volume on the history of special education presents a four-part narrative of placement, curriculum, early intervention, to the status of teachers in the 19th century, and the movement toward integration in 20th century programs. Learn More
  2. Signing in Puerto Rican

    Signing in Puerto Rican


    Like many CODAs, Andres Torres loved his parents but also longed to be free from being their interpreter to the hearing world. His story is unique in that his family communicated in three languages. Learn More
  3. Talking Hands by Margalit Fox

    Talking Hands


    In the isolated Bedouin community of Al-Sayyid in Israel, a place with an unusually high rate of deafness, an indigenous sign language has sprung up, used by deaf and hearing villagers alike. It is a language no outsider has been able to decode, until now. Learn More
  4. A Lens on Deaf Identities by Irene W. Leigh

    A Lens on Deaf Identities


    Many factors impact the unique identities of deaf and hard of hearing individuals today. A Lens on Deaf Identities will appeal to students and professional researchers in deaf studies and deaf education, as well as those interested in identity formation in the presence of "disability". Learn More
  5. Deadly Charm

    Deadly Charm: The Story of a Deaf Serial Killer


    Born deaf and given to the state by his mother, Patrick McCullough faced a hard life with equal parts of charm and rage that eventually lead him to kill. Learn More
  6. Moments of Truth

    Moments of Truth Hard Cover


    Moments of Truth is about the defining experiences that enabled Robert R. Davila to rise to the pinnacle of his profession as an educator. Learn More
  7. I Fill This Small Space

    I Fill This Small Space


    Editor David Kurs has organized Newman’s writings around his passions — deaf education, communication and language, miscellaneous columns and poems on Deaf life, and humorous insights on his activism. Learn More
  8. Open Your Eyes

    Open Your Eyes


    This groundbreaking volume introduces readers to the key concepts and debates in deaf studies, offering perspectives on the relevance and richness of deaf ways of being in the world. Learn More
  9. Signs and Voices

    Signs and Voices


    Cochlear implants, mainstreaming, genetic engineering, and other ethical dilemmas confronting deaf people require a new, wide-ranging examination of these issues, a mandate fulfilled by this book. Learn More
  10. Deaf American Poetry front cover

    Deaf American Poetry


    Spanning more than 200 years, this collection presents 95 poems by 35 Deaf American poets from the signing community. Theirs is a remarkable record of development parallel to the verse for better known poets during that period. Learn More

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