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  1. Everyone Can Sign Special Needs Series: ADHD

    Everyone Can Sign Special Needs Series: ADHD

    Regular Price: $19.95

    Special Price: $16.96

    Save: $2.99 (15%)

    This series of books from Time to Sign includes signs that encourage and support communication between adults and children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Signs are accompanied by the word in English and Spanish, and a DVD is included with Lillian Hubler teaching the signs Learn More
  2. A Case About Amy

    A Case About Amy

    Regular Price: $25.95

    Special Price: $10.38

    Save: $15.57 (60%)

    The concerned and loving parents of Amy, a very expressive deaf child, must fight to have a sign language interpreter in Amy's classroom. At that time, the school's interpretation of the Individual's With Disabilities Education Act did not allow for this. Learn More
  3. Deaf Daughter, Hearing Father

    Deaf Daughter, Hearing Father

    Regular Price: $24.95

    Special Price: $14.97

    Save: $9.98 (40%)

    Like many hearing parents, Richard Medugno and his wife Brenda grieved when they learned in 1993 that their 17-month-old daughter Miranda was deaf. Soon after though, Medugno seized upon the need to take positive action for her. In this book, he shares their remarkable journey. Learn More
  4. Teach Your Tot to Sign

    Teach Your Tot to Sign

    Regular Price: $12.95

    Special Price: $5.18

    Save: $7.77 (60%)

    The Parents' Guide to American Sign Language
    This easy-to-use guide provides parents and teachers the opportunity to teach more than 500 basic American Sign Language (ASL) signs to infants, toddlers and young children. Learn More
  5. Baby Talk

    Baby Talk

    Regular Price: $15.95

    Special Price: $9.57

    Save: $6.38 (40%)

    A Guide to Using Basic Sign Language to Communicate with Your Baby Written by an experienced signer and mother of three, this illustrated step-by-step guide will allow readers to experience the rich rewards of communicating with their pre-verbal babies by using sign language. Learn More
  6. The Parents' Guide to Baby Signs

    The Parents' Guide to Baby Signs

    Regular Price: $19.95

    Special Price: $5.98

    Save: $13.97 (70%)

    This is an ideal how-to book for parents, caregivers and educators. Sebrey promotes two-way sign communication between parents and infants who are just months old, as a way to bond more closely and reduce frustration, while also maximizing the children's intelligence. Learn More
  7. Amy Signs

    Amy Signs


    A Mother, Her Deaf Daughter and Their Stories Many stories have been told about a mother’s struggle to help her deaf child succeed in a mostly hearing world. Amy Signs marks a signature departure in that both mother and daughter relate their perspectives on their journey together. Learn More
  8. Deaf Beneath

    Deaf Beneath


    Author Libby Lael, born deaf, exposes us to the confused, inferior, sometimes hostile educational conditionals under which too many deaf children suffer today. This is a breakthrough book for hearing and deaf readers alike, a classic “protest novel” in the righteous tradition of The Jungle or The Grapes of Wrath. Learn More
  9. If a Tree Falls

    If a Tree Falls


    A Family’s Quest to Hear and Be Heard This honest and emotional memoir explores the hard choices every parent of a deaf child has to face. Author Jennifer Rosner beautifully weaves tales of her Deaf Jewish ancestors with her own stories of being a hearing parent raising deaf daughters. Learn More
  10. Caring for Young Children

    Caring for Young Children


    Clear illustrations of basic signs including directions, feelings, discipline, eating, bedtime, and comfort. Designed to help a caregiver with beginning level sign language skills communicate with a hearing-impaired child. Learn More

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