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For students with a hearing loss, often listening in a classroom can be challenging because the teacher's voice is competing with background noise, echos and distance. These ADA-compliant Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) for classrooms can help them hear the sounds they want to hear (speech from the teacher or other students) while reducing the distracting noises, even if the speaker is turned away from the listener.

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  1. Digi-Wave Communication System 3

    Williams Sound Digi-WAVE Digital Listening System 3

    Regular Price: $994.00

    Special Price: $895.00

    Save: $99.00 (10%)

    One-way digital technology for personal listening and communication in everyday situations.
    • Use for conversations, listening to the TV.
    • Interference-reduction technology.
    • Range of up to 200 feet indoors.
    • Legal for use in most countries.
    • Two year warranty.
    Learn More
  2. Williams Sound Digi-WAVE Digital Listening System One-Way Communication

    Williams Sound Digi-WAVE Digital Listening System One-Way Communication

    Regular Price: $869.00

    Special Price: $826.00

    Save: $43.00 (4.9%)

    The revolutionary Digi-WAVE™ is a digital listening system from Williams Sound that allows for simultaneous one-way communication where one person speaks and one or more people listen. It plays a key role in enhancing communication in classrooms, meetings, TV listening, listening in the car, and other one-to-one or small group situations. Learn More
  3. Includes loop wire, wire clips, TV patch cord

    Oval Window Microloop III Induction Loop System


    The Oval Window Microloop III is an induction loop telecoil system ideal for classrooms and meeting rooms (with optional mic) for up to 30 people to hear clearly. It is also compatible for people with t-coil hearing aids. Learn More
  4. Williams Sound WIR TX75 IR Emitter/Modulator

    Williams Sound WIR TX75 Infrared Emitter/Modulator

    Regular Price: $610.00

    Special Price: $549.00

    Save: $61.00 (10%)

    The sleek and stylish Williams Sound TX75 infrared transmitter ensures participants in conference rooms, courtrooms, classrooms and other mid-size venues receive clear communication of your message without sacrificing security. A variety of infrared receivers (sold separately) worn by listening participants may be used with the WIR TX75. Learn More
  5. Williams Sound Personal PA VP 37

    Williams Sound Personal PA Value Pack FM System with Earphones

    Regular Price: $1,100.00

    Special Price: $999.00

    Save: $101.00 (9.2%)

    The Personal PA® Value Pack System is an economical ADA-compliant wireless FM listening system. The Value Pack System broadcasts a speaker's voice or audio program wirelessly up to 1,000 feet to a listening audience using the included receivers and earphones. Learn More
  6. Oval Window Satellite III large area induction loop

    Oval Window Satellite III Large Area Loop System


    Please call to order.

    The Oval Window Satellite III Induction Loop System may be interfaced with an existing public address system to provide coverage of up to 300 seats per system. It is a cost effective system for a wide range of applications - auditoriums, houses of worship, theaters. Harris Communications is committed to providing products that best meet the needs of our customers. To facilitate a free review of your site specifications before you order, please fill out the following form. Learn More
  7. Listen Personal FM System

    Listen Technologies Personal FM System 72MHz


    The Listen Technologies Personal FM System is a good assisted listening solution for individuals with hearing loss to use in classrooms, worship services, training or special events. The user can sit up to 150 feet away and still hear the speaker clearly with distracting environmental noise. Learn More
  8. Listen LP-3CV-072 FM Package

    Listen Technologies LP-3CV-072 3-Channel FM Value Package

    Regular Price: $767.79

    Special Price: $599.00

    Save: $168.79 (22%)

    The Listen LP-3CV-072 offers economic value ideal for complying with ADA requirements. It includes four receivers with earbuds, and has range up to 600 ft, making it ideal for use in houses of worship, classrooms, theaters, training, business meetings and more. Learn More

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