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Shop alarm clocks, watches, and timers designed to wake up all types of sleepers. Standard alarm clocks are not very effective at waking deep sleepers or people with a hearing loss, especially those who are severely hard of hearing or deaf. The alarm clocks at Harris Communications include a combination of features, such as extra loud alarms, bed shakers, and lamp flashers, that are sure to wake you up! Discover new arrivals or shop clock favorites from Sonic Alert, Global Assistive Devices, Clarity and more!

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  1. Serene Innovations VA3 Vibrating Travel Clock

    Serene Innovations VA3 Vibrating Travel Alarm Clock


    The VA3 Vibrating Travel Alarm Clock from Serene Innovations has the strongest vibration of any battery-operated clock that we have seen!
    • Travel clock with strong vibration.
    • Alerts with audible alarm, vibrations or both.
    • Large, bright and easy-to-read digital clock.
    • Battery operated (included).
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  2. Ultrak T-5 Vibrating Timer

    Ultrak T-5 Vibrating Timer


    The Ultrak T-5 is a battery-operated timer with beep or vibrating alarm.
    • Portable timer with sliding cover prevents accidental changes.
    • Count up or down up to 100 hours.
    • Alerts with audible alarm or vibration.
    • Large digits are easy to see.
    • Battery operated (included.
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  3. Quake-N-Wake Three Alert Vibrating Multi-Timer

    Quake-N-Wake Three Alert Vibrating Multi-Timer


    The Quake-N-Wake is a convenient portable timer that gives you 3 alerting modes when you need to be reminded.
    • Compact timer for cooking, parking meters, speeches and more.
    • Alerts with sound, flashing light and/or vibration.
    • Count up or down timing.
    • Stopwatch.
    • Battery operated (included).
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  4. Invisible Clock/Pager

    Invisible Clock/Pager


    With the Invisible Clock/Pager's alerting and timer setting features, you decide when, how and how often you want to be alerted.
    • Convenient for use during cooking, meetings, counseling sessions and more.
    • Alerts with an audible alarm or vibration.
    • Meeting/interval timer alerts.
    • Custom timer function.
    • Repeating timer allows timer to alert once or repeated.
    • Stopwatch.
    • Battery operated (not included).
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