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Standard alarm clocks are not very effective at waking people with hearing loss, especially those who are severely hard of hearing or deaf. The alarm clocks we carry are designed with a combination of features, such as extra loud alarms, bed shakers, and lamp flashers that are sure to wake you up!

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  1. Amplicom TCL VIBE

    Amplicom TCL Vibe Travel Alarm Clock with Vibration Wristband


    The Amplicom TCL Vibe™ has all the features of a full-sized clock and more, with a dual alarm setting that's ideal for spouses or roommates with different schedules. The TCL Vibe includes a unique wristband that lets you wake-up by a vibration alert. Learn More
  2. TimeShaker Micro Vibrating Alarm Clock

    iLuv TimeShaker Micro Vibrating Alarm Clock


    The TimeShaker™ Micro Vibrating Alarm Clock from iLuv® is the perfect companion to start your day with. This compact alarm clock lets you choose from multiple alarm options, including a pillow shaker, stereo speakers to enjoy your favorite radio stations or stream music from your Bluetooth® phone (phone not included). Other features include a dual alarm option, LCD display and a USB charging port. Learn More
  3. Sonic Bomb Jr

    Sonic Alert Sonic Bomb Jr SBJ525SS Vibrating Alarm Clock


    Don't be fooled by the name! This is no regular Jr. The Sonic Bomb Jr. comes with 6V bed shaker for vibrating alarm mode and is packed with all the great stuff that's made the Sonic Bomb alarm clock the preferred weapon of students worldwide. Learn More
  4. Bed shaker included

    Global Access 4 Vibrating Alarm Clock


    With the Access 4, you can be alerted to incoming phone calls, and wake up to the alarm clock by a flashing LED light, loud audible alarm or vibration with included bed shaker, or any combination of the three. Learn More
  5. The Skull (MP3 player not included)

    Sonic Alert Sonic Boom SBS500BC "The Skull" Vibrating Alarm Clock


    With red flashing eye sockets, a strip of orange flashing alert lights and the deadly bone crusher bed shaker, you might want to sleep with one eye open. The Sonic Boom SBS550bc alarm clock (also known as "The Skull") from Sonic Alert is designed for guys and girls who think outside the box. Learn More
  6. Doro HearPlus 333cl Clock Front View

    Doro HearPlus 333cl Vibrating Alarm Clock


    With a combination of a very loud 100dB alarm signal, vibrating bed shaker and flashing LED lights, it’s easy to wake up with the Doro HearPlus 333cl alarm clock. Plug your phone into the HearPlus 333cl to use it as a ring amplifier. Learn More
  7. Clarity Wake Assure Vibrating Alarm Clock

    Wake Assure Vibrating Alarm Clock by Clarity


    Choose from multiple ways to wake up! The Wake Assure™ Alarm Clock, by Clarity®, has a super loud 85 decibel alarm, a powerful bed shaker and a lamp flasher connection that allows you to plug in a lamp and wake by flashing light. Learn More
  8. Shake N Lite Vibrating Travel Alarm Clock

    Shake N Lite Vibrating Travel Alarm Clock


    The Shake N lite travel alarm clock vibrates and has a crescendo audio alarm and a vibrating alarm setting. Learn More
  9. iLuv VibroBlue clock dual alarms with bed shaker

    iLuv VibroBlue Vibrating Alarm Clock

    Regular Price: $79.99

    Special Price: $69.99

    Save: $10.00 (12.5%)

    Not only does the iLuv® VibroBlue Vibrating Alarm Clock include a bed shaker and high-quality speakers, it is Bluetooth-enabled and has a USB charging port that allows you to stream music wirelessly and charge your smartphone. Learn More
  10. ClearDigital Freedom Wake Up Shake Up Clock with Bed Shaker

    ClearSounds SW200 ShakeUp to WakeUp Vibrating Alarm Clock

    Regular Price: $89.95

    Special Price: $79.95

    Save: $10.00 (11.1%)

    The ClearSounds® SW200 Alarm Clock with built-in telephone signaler uses 520Hz Square Wave technology sound pattern, which is proven to be more effective in waking people with hearing loss, children and heavy sleepers than standard alarm clocks. Set up different wakeup times with the dual alarms, which each have multiple alerting options. The SW200 alarm clock also connects up to 2 bed shakers! Learn More

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