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Shop alarm clocks, watches, and timers designed to wake up all types of sleepers. Standard alarm clocks are not very effective at waking deep sleepers or people with a hearing loss, especially those who are severely hard of hearing or deaf. The alarm clocks at Harris Communications include a combination of features, such as extra loud alarms, bed shakers, and lamp flashers, that are sure to wake you up! Discover new arrivals or shop clock favorites from Sonic Alert, Global Assistive Devices, Clarity and more!

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  1. Sonic Alert Sonic Boom SB1000V

    Sonic Alert Sonic Boom SB1000 Vibrating Alarm Clock


    One of our most reliable and best selling alarm clocks, the Sonic Boom SB1000V by Sonic Alert uses lights, sounds and vibration to wake you up! Want to be alerted to the telephone or baby crying? This clock can do that too!
    • Wake up with a flashing lamp, vibration or loud audible alarm.
    • Built-in signaler can alert you to other Sonic Alert transmitters.
    • Lamp connection for using a lamp as a visual flashing light alarm.
    • LCD display with auto-dimmer reduces the display level when the room gets darker.
    • Battery backup.
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  2. Shake N Lite Vibrating Travel Alarm Clock

    Shake N Lite Vibrating Travel Alarm Clock


    The Shake N Lite travel alarm clock vibrates with the option of using the crescendo audio alarm or vibrating alarm setting.
    • Travel clock with large, 1/2" H digital numbers.
    • Alerts with audible crescendo alarm or vibrations.
    • Displays current and alarm times so you can visually verify your alarm setting.
    • Battery operated (batteries not included).
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  3. Clarity Wake Assure Vibrating Alarm Clock

    Wake Assure Vibrating Alarm Clock by Clarity


    The Wake Assure™ Alarm Clock, by Clarity®, with loud alarm and multiple ways to wake up is ideal for people with moderate hearing loss and deep sleepers.
    • Wake up with the super loud 85 decibel alarm, powerful bed shaker or flashing lamp.
    • Lamp connection to wake up by flashing lamp.
    • Extra loud alarm with jumbo, 1.8" tall LCD display is easy to read.
    • Battery backup keeps the time and settings.
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  4. The Skull (MP3 player not included)

    Sonic Alert Sonic Boom SBS500BC "The Skull" Vibrating Alarm Clock


    The Sonic Boom SBS550bc alarm clock (also known as "The Skull") from Sonic Alert is designed for guys and girls who think outside the box.
    • Powerful 12 volt bed shaker.
    • Pulsating flashing eyes and alert lights.
    • Extra loud 113 decibel alarm.
    • Plays music from your MP3, CD, radio, etc.
    • Battery backup keeps "The Skull" working even if there's a power outage.
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  5. Bed shaker included

    Global Access 4 Vibrating Alarm Clock


    The Access 4 is like a 2-in-1 device that wakes you up and alerts you to incoming phone calls. The Access 4 is the only clock we carry with a built-in flip-up light that can be used for reading and signaling.
    • Alarm clock and incoming telephone call signaler.
    • Wake up to the audible alarm, built-in flashing light, vibrating bed shaker, or all three.
    • Battery backup.
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  6. Vibralite 8 blue face

    Global VibraLite 8 Vibrating Watch with Blue Urethane Band


    Vibrating watch with large display, 8 vibration or sound alert alarm settings and Auto Reset Countdown Timer option gives users who are deaf or hard of hearing extensive combinations of variable and interval reminders. Learn More
  7. Sonic Bomb Jr

    Sonic Alert Sonic Bomb Jr SBJ525SS Vibrating Alarm Clock


    Don't be fooled by the name! This is no regular Jr. The Sonic Bomb Jr. includes a 6V bed shaker and is packed with all the great stuff that's made the Sonic Bomb alarm clock the preferred weapon of students worldwide.
    • Wake up with the bed shaker, pulsating alert light, or loud alarm.
    • USB charging for iPhone and Android.
    • Battery backup so there's no excuse for missing a meeting or class.
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  8. ClearDigital Freedom Wake Up Shake Up Clock with Bed Shaker

    ClearSounds SW200 ShakeUp to WakeUp Vibrating Alarm Clock

    Regular Price: $89.95

    Special Price: $79.95

    Save: $10.00 (11.1%)

    Why choose who gets to wake up using the vibrating bed shaker? When you both need to wake up silently, use the ClearSounds SW200 clock's two bed shaker ports. Combine or exclude the vibrating alarm with the loud audible alarm or flashing lamp option.
    • Dual alarm settings with 2 bed shaker ports.
    • Connect a lamp to use as a visual flashing light alarm.
    • Built-in signaler lets you use the SW200 as notification for phone calls too.
    • 520Hz Square Wave technology is proven to be more effective at waking people with hearing loss, children and deep sleepers.
    • Large LCD display can be dimmed for better nighttime sleep.
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  9. Serene Innovations VA3 Vibrating Travel Clock

    Serene Innovations VA3 Vibrating Travel Alarm Clock


    The VA3 Vibrating Travel Alarm Clock from Serene Innovations has the strongest vibration of any battery-operated clock that we have seen!
    • Travel clock with strong vibration.
    • Alerts with audible alarm, vibrations or both.
    • Large, bright and easy-to-read digital clock.
    • Battery operated (included).
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  10. Global VibraLITE 12 Vibrating Watch with Stainless Steel Band

    Global VibraLITE 12 Vibrating Watch with Stainless Steel Band


    The VibraLITE 12 stainless steel watch has 12 alarms plus 2 countdown timers for a number of configurable reminders as audible or vibration alarms. Learn More

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