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  1. Sonic Alert Sonic Boom BD4000 Big Display Maxx Alarm Clock

    Sonic Alert Big Display Maxx Alarm Clock


    Easily see what time it is from any angle in the room with the BD4000 Big Display Maxx Alarm Clock from Sonic Alert, whether it's placed on a table or wall mounted. People who do not need visual or vibrating clock alarms will find the Big Display Maxx an easy to see clock with 2 alarms.
    • Large digital 4" x 11" red LED display.
    • Remote control for adjusting time, setting alarms, turning alarms off/on, etc.
    • Two alarm settings with non-amplified audible alarms.
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  2. Sonic Alert Sonic Boom SB300ss

    Sonic Alert Sonic Boom SB300ss Vibrating Large Display Alarm Clock


    The stylish Sonic Boom SB300ss from Sonic Alert has an easy-to-read large display and strong bed shaker, ideal for deep sleepers, Deaf or hard of hearing users, seniors or students.
    • Large 1.8" bright green display is easy to read.
    • Automatic display dimmer adjusts in dark or bright light.
    • Wake up with the loud audible alarm, vibrating bed shaker or both.
    • Battery backup.
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  3. Sonic Alert Sonic Boom SBD375ss

    Sonic Alert Sonic Boom SBD375ss Vibrating Dual Alarm Clock


    The Sonic Alert Sonic Boom SBD375ss Alarm Clock with dual alarms and bed shaker was designed to be a cost-effective clock solution that's ideal for deep sleepers, Deaf or hard of hearing users, seniors and students.
    • Dual alarm settings for spouses, roommates, or those with varied schedules.
    • Wake up using the loud audible alarm or powerful bed shaker.
    • Digital display with dimmer control.
    • Battery backup.
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  4. Sonic Alert Sonic Bomb SBR350ss Radio Clock

    Sonic Alert Sonic Boom SBR350ss Vibrating Radio Alarm Clock


    The Sonic Boom SBR350ss from Sonic Alert includes features that can benefit sleepers who are deaf, hard of hearing or those with low vision.
    • Built-in radio lets you wake up to your favorite FM station.
    • Alerts with loud alarm, radio or vibrating bed shaker.
    • Large, easy-to-see digital display with dimmer.
    • Battery backup.
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  5. Reizen Braille Alarm Clock

    Reizen Braille Quartz Vibrating Alarm Clock


    This clock was developed for blind individuals and those with low vision, with a vibration option that makes it a suitable choice for the deaf and hard of hearing.
    • Oversized buttons and contrasting display for blind individuals.
    • Tactile dial with Braille.
    • Vibrating bed shaker vibrates when the alarm goes off, making it suitable for those who want tactile notification.
    • Battery operated.
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  6. Digital talking watch HJC-3912

    Digital Talking Watch


    The talking feature of this Digital Talking Watch lets you know what time it is without having to take a look, ideal for people with low vision. The Digital Talking Watch features an LCD display, alarm and time announcements. Learn More

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