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Simplicity Signaling System

Ultratec Simplicity signalers can be used individually or with other products in the Simplicity line to alert you to sounds in your home or office.

Add-On Strobe Light

Connects to wall-mount Simplicity signalers in place of a plugged-in lamp, so that the signaler itself flashes when a sound occurs. Ideal for places where a traditional lamp is impractical, such as a bathroom or hallway, or for small areas such as a dorm room or one-room apartment.

Telephone Ring Signalers

Flashes your lamp to notify you when the telephone is ringing. (Model L, Model LT, Model LTD, Model LTW)

Remote Receivers

Receives signal from Simplicity signalers to alert you to sounds wherever you are in the house. They flash the lamp or strobe in different patterns, making it easy to identify what the sound is. (Model LR, Model LRD, Model SRD)

Sound Signalers

Detects important everyday sounds such as a baby's cry or an oven timer. Sends a signal to flash remote receivers throughout your home. (Model T, Model TD)

Doorbell Signalers

Lets you know when someone is at the door. Choose between a traditional wired unit or the convenient wireless model. (Model LT, Model LTW, LTW combination)

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