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Assistive Products for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

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Door & Window Signalers

These door and window alerting products will let you know when you have visitors, from family and friends to trick or treaters.

Looking for standalone door signalers?

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Important Tip:
When using a lamp that plugs into a signaler or transmitter, there are several types to choose from.

  • Instant-On CFL (compact fluorescent lightbulbs): The key is the instant-on feature. They have a life span about 10x longer than incandescent bulbs, and use less energy.
  • Halogen: Provides a warmer light than CFLs but can cost up to 2x more. As incandescent bulbs are phased out, halogen bulbs should drop in price.
  • LED: Works well but can be quite expensive, averaging about $18/bulb or more.
  • Incandescent: Can last up to 5 years or more. Stock up while they're still available.

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  1. RC3250 Wireless Doorbell

    Carlon RC3250 Doorbell Chime


    This wireless doorbell chime from Carlon plugs into any 120V electrical outlet. Ideal for new installations or replacing existing door chimes. Perfect for use in homes, apartments, mobile homes or RVs. Learn More
  2. RC3301

    Carlon RC3301 Replacement Wireless Button


    Wireless replacement pushbutton doorbell for Carlon RC3250 door chime. Learn More

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