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Voice Amplified Phones

These speech assistance devices allow individuals with weak speech and/or those who work in noisy environments to be heard more easily.

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  1. Geemarc AMPLI600 Amplified Emergency Phone

    Geemarc AMPLI600 Amplified Emergency Phone

    Regular Price: $259.99

    Special Price: $149.95

    Save: $110.04 (42.3%)

    Attain peace of mind for yourself or a loved one who's living alone. Many accidents happen at home, and with the AMPLI600's wireless transmitter, loved ones will be able to call family and friends if they can't reach the telephone. There's no monthly service or monitoring fees, a 50dB (decibel) incoming amplification, Caller ID and a speakerphone. Learn More
  2. 18 decibel incoming voice amplification for mild hearing loss

    Serene Innovations HD-40S Amplified Phone


    The HD-40S from Serene Innovations is the only amplified corded telephone with picture buttons and 40dB outgoing speech amplification. HDS (High Definition Sound) technology in the Serene Innovations HD-40S makes even the weakest voice sharp, clear and easily audible to the other caller. Learn More
  3. Speech Amplified Phone

    Speech Amplified Phone


    People with a low volume voice can control the loudness their callers hear through a control switch on the handset (26dB gain). Learn More

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