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VCO/HCO Phones

VCO (voice carry over) and HCO (hearing carry over) phones allow an individual who can speak but cannot hear well to see what the other caller is saying by reading the conversation.

Also see captioned telephones where the conversation is captioned by a live service with no monthly fees.

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  1. Ultratec Uniphone 1140 TTY

    Ultratec Uniphone 1140 TTY

    Regular Price: $279.00

    Special Price: $245.52

    Save: $33.48 (12%)

    The Uniphone 1140 combines the functions of a TTY, telephone and amplified telephone into one single unit. The Uniphone is ideal for people with hearing loss, allowing you to read responses while talking with the handset. Learn More
  2. Ameriphone Q90D TTY/VCO

    Ameriphone Q90D TTY/VCO

    Regular Price: $249.95

    Special Price: $219.96

    Save: $29.99 (12%)

    The stylish, lighweight and portable Ameriphone Q90D combination TTY/VCO, by Clarity®, is ideal for TTY use in homes, offices and for travel using your cell phone. Learn More

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