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Comfort Audio Duett New Personal Listener with Earphone/Headphone


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The Comfort Duett New Personal Listener from Comfort Audio is an easy-to-use hearing amplifier that helps you hear every word loud and clear, whether you're at a lively family dinner, chatting on the phone or watching TV. This Comfort Duett model is redesigned with large volume buttons in an intuitive layout. Choose to use the Duett with the included earphone or headphone.

Comfort Audio Duett New Personal Listener

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  • Comfort Audio Duett New Personal Listener
  • Includes Duett, headphone, earphone, base charger
  • Duett in Use
  • Duett Held
Connect with the world at the touch of a button. When every word is loud and clear, you can participate in life with confidence. The Comfort Duett New Personal Listener from Comfort Audio helps you get more involved in almost any situation. Clever technology in the Comfort Duett Personal Listener sends important sounds, like people's voices, to hearing aids, headphones or earphones. With its compact design, Comfort Audio's Duett personal listener can discreetly tag along wherever you go.

Two year warranty. Ninety day warranty on accessories.


  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Automatic Gain Control
  • Omnidirectional internal microphone
  • Built-in telecoil for use with induction loop systems
  • Three different Max. Gain Thresholds
  • 10 steps volume control - 2dB/step
  • Three different Tone presets
  • Aux. In and External Microphone
  • Functions as a t-coil induction receiver; can be used by people with t-coil hearing aids
  • Ideal for small groups, communicating one-on-one and in autos
  • Perfect for hearing aid users with and without a t-coil
  • Up to 60dB amplification
  • Add-on kits available for TV and telephone listening
  • Compatible with neckloop, headphone/earphone and t-coil hearing aid
  • Charger unit holds and charges the Comfort Duett
  • Large function button, distinct indications and redesigned larger, ergonomic volume controls
  • Approximately 3.7" L x 1.4" W x 0.7" H
  • Weight 0.1 lbs
  • Connections: Aux/Mic In, 3.5mm headphone/earphone or neckloop jack, Micro USB charging connection
  • Operating time: 20 hours
  • Charging time: approximately 3.5 hours


  • Comfort Duett Personal Listener with large volume buttons
  • Headphone and earphone (neckloop available sold separately to use with t-coil hearing aids)
  • 1 Charger stand
  • 2 AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries
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Warranty Two year warranty
Brand Comfort Audio
Product Type Personal Amplifier
Language English
  1. great Review by Bar
    Overall Satisfaction

    Very good. (Posted on 2/5/2018)

  2. Excellent but room for improvement Review by Alfrido
    Overall Satisfaction

    Sure it is an excellent device in terms of quality and quantity of sound... but I suggest some possible improvements.

    Because the weight of the device it makes it uncomfortable to wear it in shirt's pocket, besides it would be super great to make it "invisible" (nobody could see it!):

    a. It should have microphone on top instead of on a side, so one can wear it facing oneself or the other way

    b. It should have means to hang around neck, so can be hidden with shirt (although this can end up producing some noise when walking from friction between microphone and fabric)

    d. It should have optional wired external microphone so device can be place in pant's pocket and be 100% invisible!! (Posted on 1/17/2018)

  3. seems to work Review by sunny
    Overall Satisfaction

    I purchased this product for my brother who has lost hearing since he had a stroke last year. Although I was not able to test it out for myself, he recently let me know that it has worked for him and that he can hear again. There have been a few "patches" but overall, he seemed satisfied with it. (Posted on 1/23/2017)

  4. Excellent Service Review by Addie
    Overall Satisfaction

    I purchased this product for myself and have read all instructions and used it in a test situation. I have not yet used it in a group meeting situation for which I purchased the unit. Service, price, explanations, instructions, delivery time were all excellent. I believe the product will be fine. (Posted on 5/30/2016)

  5. Very nice product for the price Review by Libby
    Overall Satisfaction

    We bought this device because my mom refuses to wear her hearing aid. It is probably out-dated, but would be cost-prohibitive to replace.

    I bring the personal listener with me when I visit her in her assisted living facility. It is easy to use and the quality is sufficient that it seems to help. Planning to take it with us to doctors' appointments.

    You have to be careful about accidentally pressing the T-loop button, which if turned on, causes distortion in the sound. (Posted on 1/13/2016)

  6. Excellent Review by Dori
    Overall Satisfaction

    I am very pleased with my Comfort Audio Duett. It is great in Church for those who do not speak up and for television (esp.the women commentators who talk very fast). Somehow, this personal listener makes everything clearer. I thank you that this was affordable and helpful. (Posted on 12/11/2015)

  7. pleasantly surprised Review by Deb
    Overall Satisfaction

    Dad misplaced his hearing aids in his assisted living home. To replace them was cost prohibitive and would have been lost again anyway. The 30 day trial period for the Audio Duett was a no brainer. He wears it for group activities and when watching tv. We can see the relief on his face that he no longer strains to hear what is going on. It is a relief for me that I can have a conversation with my dad again. We are hoping he will get used to it and wear it all the time.
    My only concern is when he clips it on his shirt, it picks up his breathing and movement of his clothes. He usually holds the amplifier in his hand which has been a problem at times. I suggest new customers experiment with positioning and the bass/treble controls. It does make a difference. (Posted on 11/29/2015)

  8. Extremely pleased! Review by Mom
    Overall Satisfaction

    My daughter has an auditory processing disorder and would not use her expensive over the ear device because of how it made her stand out in school. We fought over it daily. I purchased this device after hearing about it at a conference. She now uses it everyday without an argument! (Posted on 9/23/2015)

  9. highly recommended Review by delighted daughter
    Overall Satisfaction

    We purchased this amplifier for our mother who is losing her hearing. We have bought numerous kinds of hearing aids, which she wouldn't wear because either they were uncomfortable to wear, humming, or just didn't seem to help her. She had just simply given up ever hearing anything again. It was really upsetting to see her just sit and not say anything or join in on conversations when she was in a crowd. Then one day she today me that the church had a device that she used that she liked, so when I investigated what they were using, I went to the Internet to find the product. The one they had, was not for home or personal use. That is when I found Harris Communications. I found this amplifier and dissed it with the rest of the family. We decided to try this one and with the return policy that Harris Communications has, it was worth a try. Our mother loves it. She wears it all the time because it isn't uncomfortable and she gets in on conversations and even laughs. It is so wonderful to have her back joining in on family outings and parties. A few of her friends have noticed the change and are going to get one of these for them or family member that has hearing loss. Even some of my sister's friends are trying this. Thank You Harris Communications for giving us our mother back. It is exactly what she needed. (Posted on 9/23/2015)

  10. A great product Review by Daughter
    Overall Satisfaction

    I purchased this for a family member. He's only had it for two to three weeks, but he is very happy with the quality of the sound and the comfort and portability of it. Another plus is that it is rechargeable. I am told that people with hearing aids struggle mightily with frequent battery changes. I have no personal experience, but this device seems to be a superior solution. (Posted on 8/10/2015)

  11. an improvement Review by mary
    Overall Satisfaction

    Useful, but gets very loud! (Posted on 4/9/2015)

  12. As good as it gets for now Review by Reno
    Overall Satisfaction

    It would be great if the receivers could be in the ear cups. No wires or receiver in your shirt pocket. (Posted on 5/25/2014)

  13. Excellent Review by Richard
    Overall Satisfaction

    Easy to use. Wonderful sound quality. Nice to be able to control bass and treble if you want. (Posted on 4/22/2014)

  14. not effective Review by too tinny
    Overall Satisfaction

    I bought this for my grandfather to replace his hearing aids because they need repaired at $500 a piece hoping for an alternative. as far as the comfort audio duet there is no low end to this hearing device, nothing but treble that just screams at your ears even at low volume. the mic is way too sensitive to subtle movements too. I bought some high end headphones and it didn't change anything. my grandfather refuses to use them. its a shame because it is a nice device with easy controls, it just needs a high end filter on it. (Posted on 4/14/2014)

  15. excellent results!! Review by Lesa
    Overall Satisfaction

    I mainly was looking for something to help my dad while riding in the car. His "good" ear was to the window and could not hear any conversation....this product has opened up so many opportunities for him! Thank you!!! He takes it to the restaurants and wears around the house. Prefers it over the hearing aid!! (Posted on 1/22/2014)

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