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Ditto Black Bluetooth Vibrating Cell Phone Signaler and Alarm Clip


Availability: Discontinued. Contact us for suggestions.


Quick Overview

  • Vibrates to alert you to: cell phone calls, texts, apps, timers and wake-up alarm
  • About as tall as a quarter; Ditto discreetly clips to clothes, slips in pockets or is worn with the included wristband
  • Built-in wireless tether vibrates when you are about to forget your phone
  • No need to remember to constantly charge—battery lasts up to 6 months

Ditto Packaging

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  • Ditto White Bluetooth Vibrating Cell Phone Signaler and Alarm Clip
  • Ditto comes with a free app for customized settings
  • Ditto is as tall as a quarter
  • Wristband included
  • Ditto discreetly clips to your clothes
  • Ditto worn
  • Ditto clip
  • Ditto by phone
  • Ditto Packaging
  • Ditto is Waterproof
Free yourself from smartphone anxiety! Ditto is a tiny and elegant clip that vibrates when you receive an important call, text or message and is completely customizable with the free app. You won’t be bothered by EVERY SINGLE phone call, text or email either, Ditto allows you to select your favorite contacts and will only alert you to them.

Ditto is also really handy as a timer or wake-up alarm. It comes with a wrist band, so you can wear it at night and wake up to vibration without disturbing your partner.


  • Notifies to incoming calls, texts, apps (including Facebook, Snapchat or Skype), emails or calendar updates from your smartphone
  • Set unique vibration patterns for each notification
  • Set alarms for wake-up, medication, study or kitchen timer
  • Choose to only be notified to your favorite contacts
  • iOS & Android compatible, download the free Wear Ditto app to control countless customization options
  • 50-100 ft range
  • Waterproof – wear it in the shower or while swimming (not diving)
  • Silent alarm wakes you and not your partner
  • Tether alerts you when you’re out of range from your phone
  • Includes sturdy and comfortable wristband
  • No need to charge! Replaceable battery (included) lasts anywhere from 3-6 months
  • Designed by the world renowned Fred Bould, and mechanically engineered by the same group who brought you Beats
  • Dimensions: 1.5" x 0.9" x 0.4" inches

How Ditto Works:

Download the App:


Ditto comes in these other colors:

Quick Start Guide:

[Click for user manual]
Warranty One year
Brand Simple Matters
Product Type Signaler
Signals to Cell Phone
Power Source Battery
Signaler Alert Type Vibration
Lamp Plugin No
Vibrating Alert Yes
What's in the Box Ditto, wristband, clip and CR1632 battery
UPC 857905005001
  1. Love it Review by Tom
    Overall Satisfaction

    The Ditto cellphone signaler is awesome great product. (Posted on 6/26/2017)

  2. Good product Review by Janis
    Overall Satisfaction

    Many times it beeped I thought I have msg but it was empty. Oh. Like if I turned the phone on it will beep I have to get familiar with it but otherwise it works well. I'm very satisfied. (Posted on 1/11/2017)

  3. Excellent Review by Tami
    Overall Satisfaction

    Amazing! Neat! Awesome! Wonderful for deaf, hard of hearing , and hearing! It is not for only deaf and hard of hearing! My sister is hearing and loves it because she cannot hear when it alarms or phone calls while she is sleeping. (Posted on 10/11/2016)

  4. Good if your a light sleeper Review by Deb
    Overall Satisfaction

    Product works well, if you are a light sleeper. Also was worried it might come off of the wrist while sleeping. Have to set multiple alarms, as you cant hit snooze either, (Posted on 9/26/2016)

  5. Seriously in love with it Review by Hannah Mann
    Overall Satisfaction

    After two weeks of using this thing, I’m seriously in love with it. It’s tiny, unobtrusive, easy to set up, and you can wear it with anything-- dress, suit, casual, whatever. Usually I clipped it to my bra strap just under the collarbone, and you’d never know I had it on.

    I’m deaf, so I have to be able to feel my phone vibrate. Before the Ditto, I couldn’t just put my phone down somewhere and listen for the ring or vibrate if I were expecting a message or didn’t want to miss something important. I’d have to keep it on me all. the. time. If you’d asked me before I tried the Ditto, I would have said that was just an occasional inconvenience, but I’ve found that it’s really made a huge difference in access and flexibility.

    With the Ditto, I can drop my phone in my purse and carry on, or run outside for a bit, or leave it on charge while I do chores in other rooms. It’s really great for intermittent conversations too, when both of you are popping in and out. Oddly enough, I think it’s helped me distance myself from that 24/7 “on” feeling too-- I don’t need to check back every so often because I know if something pops up, the Ditto will alert me.

    To make it better, it also comes with custom alerts that you can set yourself. For example, I’ll check texts right away but put off Facebook messages for later, and those custom vibrations (3 vibrates for Facebook, 5 for texts) let me know which is which.

    No review is complete without covering the cons, so here goes. I’m not a huge fan of the wristband. It’s tough to put on by yourself, and the tiny velcro patch on the end doesn’t make it feel very secure.

    Because it’s so small, it can be easy to lose or forget, and at $40, that’s a pricey risk. Here’s hoping I never accidentally toss mine in the washing machine.
    (Posted on 8/5/2016)

  6. Awesome Product Review by Colonela82
    Overall Satisfaction

    I have not missed a text or phone call since receiving my Ditto. I know longer have to have my phone on me at all times. I love this product and wish I would of had it a long time ago. This is the best product for Bluetooth in my opinion. (Posted on 8/2/2016)

  7. Great product. Review by Bill
    Overall Satisfaction

    I had missed many texts and alerts even though I had my iPhone in my pocket, Ditto works great ! This morning, I could not find my Ditto. I checked the clothes dryer and there it was. It had gone through a complete wash and rinse cycle and dryer cycle. When I turned on the phone app, Ditto started vibrating.,,,and it worked !!! (Posted on 7/28/2016)

  8. returning it Review by C.A.
    Overall Satisfaction

    The battery that was supposed to last 3 months lasted 3 days.
    Am returning this item. (Posted on 7/27/2016)

  9. Love it ! Review by Lynn
    Overall Satisfaction

    I'm so happy to not have to hold onto my phone to feel the vibration or see the flashing light to notify me to messages or calls.
    This is so small I forget I have it on !!! And it fits anywhere and stays on ! I went swimming forgetting I had it on and it still worked .
    Thank you so much for advertising this ~ I have taken pictures of it and shared with everyone on FB :) (Posted on 7/22/2016)

  10. Works great! Review by J Reed
    Overall Satisfaction

    I tend to miss a lot of calls and important messages because I work outdoors, and can't hear my phone ringing. Ever since getting Ditto I haven't missed any calls or texts from my family. It's been great and what I've been looking for. (Posted on 7/13/2016)

  11. Love it! Review by Hard to Hear Harry
    Overall Satisfaction

    I bought my Ditto at the HLAA Convention in DC a couple weeks ago and i absolutly love it!

    Ditto is such a cool little product for anyone that is Deaf, has profound hearing loss, or even minor hearing loss. I now know when my kids or grandkids are calling, and i never wake up late any more because Ditto actually vibrates as an alarm clock to wake me! Such a cool little device. Wish I could have had this 10 years ago... (Posted on 7/11/2016)

  12. Great product Review by phil
    Overall Satisfaction

    Lets me keep my phone in my pocket and know when someone is trying to reach me. Software allows me to set up different signals for calls and emails with plenty of customization. A very simple product that performs as promised. (Posted on 7/11/2016)

  13. Result Review by Spider
    Overall Satisfaction

    It worked good with iPhone but there is some annoyance of having the tether because at the certain time it buzzed for no incoming mail, texting or email, Also it appears to me that it does not work with phone call especially N Touch.

    **You can turn off the tether feature through the Ditto app. Ditto is upgrading their app in early August 2016, and will alert to over 40 more apps including Sorenson ntouch, Purple and Glide. All you have to do is install the upgrade to the app on your phone when it is released and the Ditto will alert to ntouch. - Harris Communications** (Posted on 7/6/2016)

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