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Alerting & Notification Systems

Signaling systems are notification devices designed to alert everyone - deaf, hard of hearing, or hearing - of different events around the home of events like phone or VP calls, baby cries, and smoke/carbon monoxide alarms. Hearing as well as deaf and hard of hearing individuals can benefit from the flashing lights, loud alarms and/or vibration alarms.

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  1. Serene Central Alert Smoke and Fire Alarm with Audio Alarm Transmitter

    Serene Central Alert Smoke and Fire Alarm with Audio Alarm Transmitter


    The Central Alert Audio Transmitter CA-AX detects the audio alarm of the smoke detector and sends a wireless signal to compatible Central Alert notification units CA-360, CA-380, CA-PX, and CA-RX to alert you. Learn More
  2. CA-AX Audio Alarm Sensor

    Serene Innovations CentralAlert CA-AX Audio Alarm Sensor


    The CA-AX Audio Alarm Sensor sends to the CentralAlert™ receiver to notify you when existing smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are activated. Requires compatible receiver (see Related Products box). Learn More
  3. CA-360 Combo 1

    Serene Innovations CentralAlert CA-360 Alarm Clock with Audio Sensor


    The CA-360 from Serene Innovations is a complete, all-in-one alerting solution that notifies you to the alarm clock, doorbell and phone/VP calls. The CA-360 clock/receiver has a built-in flashing strobe, loud alarm and a powerful bed shaker. This Combo 2 package includes the CA-AX Audio Alarm Sensor for audio alerts. Learn More

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