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Lifetone HLAC151 Bedside Vibrating Fire Alarm and Clock


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Quick Overview

The Lifetone Bedside Fire Alarm and Clock HLAC151 model uses patented monitoring technology to actively listen for the high-frequency sound of your smoke alarm.
  • Smoke alarm notification system alerts when T3 smoke alarms are activated in home.
  • Alerts with sound, talking voice, vibration, and flashing FIRE text on display.
  • Requires smoke alarms that have a T3 alarm pattern.

Lifetone HLAC151 Fire Alarm and Clock

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  • Lifetone HLAC151 Fire Alarm and Clock
A Lifetone Bedside Fire Alarm and Clock in your home provides your family with affordable fire protection and alerting in the event of a fire. The Lifetone alarm unit has audio and vibration alerting to notify deaf and hearing individuals. Lifetone is not a smoke detector. This product works with smoke alarms that emit a T3 alarm pattern (three beeps followed by a pause). It will not work with alarms that emit a continuous tone pattern with no pauses. If you are uncertain as to which pattern your smoke alarm uses, please contact us for assistance.

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How does Lifetone work?

Perfected over 10 years of development, the Lifetone HL uses patented monitoring technology to actively listen for the sound of your smoke alarm, and ignore all other sounds at the same frequency, about 3100Hz. When it detects your smoke alarm, it immediately initiates three different signals to wake you up:

Special low pitched, 520Hz square-wave T3 alarm sound proven in controlled scientific testing as the most effective at waking people in a fire emergency. The Lifetone HL has a 85dB alarm signal - that's like having someone start a lawn mower next to your bed.

The Lifetone HL has a baritone voice that says "Fire! Get out!" in English or Spanish.

The Lifetone HL has a visual signal on the backlit display that flashes the word "FIRE." In a darkened room, the flashing display is another form of sensory stimulation to "break through" the fogginess of sleep.

The Lifetone HL comes with a small bed shaker that will vibrate strongly when the alarm is triggered. Connect it for vibration notification.


  • Alerts with 4 different signals: loud, low pitched 520Hz T3 sound; vibrating bed shaker; talking baritone voice saying "Fire! Get out!"; and FIRE in large text against a flashing orange backlight
  • Uses the alarms proven in research sponsored by the US Fire Administration as most effective for waking people
  • Works in conjunction with existing UL-listed T3 smoke alarms (alarms with sound pattern "beep-beep-beep-pause" then "beep-beep-beep-pause" then "beep-beep-beep") with ionization or photoelectric technology
  • No installation or wiring required - just plug it in
  • Battery backup lasts 7 days or more while still providing emergency alarm signals (batteries included)
  • Large 1.2" easy-to-read display with orange background and user-selectable brightness
  • Alerts you if there is a power outage or low batteries, even if the bed shaker is disconnected
  • Can be used as a daily alarm clock (the wake-up alarm is at a lower, non-emergency volume)
  • Includes a 6V bed shaker(6 ft cord) for optional additional notification
  • Dimensions: 8 1/2" L x 5" W x 4" H
  • Listed by UL to UL 217, ULC S531, and UL 1971
  • Compliance: NFPA 72(2013), RoHS, California Proposition 65
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Warranty Two year limited warranty
Brand Lifetone Safety
Product Type Emergency Devices
Language English
UPC 899142002009
  1. satisfied Review by Daughter with peace of mind
    Overall Satisfaction

    My mother has cochlear implants, so she is completely deaf at night when she takes them off to sleep. My father recently died and I realized that she would not know the fire alarms were going off now at night. She also didn't have a way to wake up in the mornings for church or appointments. So I started looking for an alarm that could do both. I am happy to say this does both beautifully. It was very easy to set up and responded to the test of the fire alarms even with the bedroom door shut. She hasn't complained about the light the alarm produces at all as others have in these comments. I would buy again if I needed to. (Posted on 3/22/2017)

  2. Hopeful Review by NOLA
    Overall Satisfaction

    This is the second Lifetone alarm I have purchased . I wear cochlear implants and need this at night when they are removed. The first one I bought stopped working after the warranty was over (about a year and a half) so I am hopeful this one will last longer as it is expensive. The orange light doesm't bother me during the night. (Posted on 3/11/2015)

  3. Just what I needed for peace of mind Review by TomDC
    Overall Satisfaction

    I read about a tragic fire recently and then realized that even with my aids, I barely hear smoke alarms. My bedroom is on the second level of a townhouse with one set of stairs. I'd been putting off dealing with a concern about not hearing a smoke alarm at night and decided it was time to act. The Lifetone seemed to be the best option.

    It is a very solid device, was easy to set up, and is able to "hear" the smoke alarm on the first level in the back by the kitchen. I've tried the test alarm, and I can hear the alarm clearly without my HA and the bed shaker is quite powerful. And it shouts and flashes when the fire alarm is triggered. You can also use this as an alarm clock and the tone and bed shaker should do well.

    I have one negative. The clock face is an orange, back lit display. It is easy to read, however, it is quite a lot of light even on the lower of the two brightness settings. There is lots of research showing that too much light in a bedroom detracts from a good sleep. I turned the back light off and have to push the snooze bar if I want to read it at night. (The red light indicating AC power is also very bright and there is no option to tone that down at all.) I wish there was a lower brightness option for the clock face.

    I thankfully haven't had to try it for real but I sleep a lot better knowing I'll be alerted if there is a fire. (Posted on 2/5/2015)

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