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SafeAwake Fire Alarm Aid with Bed Shaker


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The SafeAwake Fire Alarm Aid provides essential protection for deaf and hard of hearing people in the event of a fire. Once an existing T3 smoke alarm is activated, the SafeAwake alerts you by vibration with the bed shaker and loud audible alarm.

SafeAwake Fire Alarm Aid

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Sleep peacefully while feeling confident that you will wake up when your T3 smoke detector is activated. The SafeAwake Fire Alarm Aid works with existing smoke detectors to provide essential protection for deaf and hard of hearing people, or those who might not wake up to the standard audible alert of an ordinary smoke detector. SafeAwake is not a smoke detector. This product is only designed to work with smoke alarms that emit a T3 alarm pattern (three beeps followed by a pause). It will not work with alarms that emit a continuous tone pattern with no pauses. If you are uncertain as to which pattern your smoke alarm uses, please contact us for assistance.

Once your T3 smoke detector is activated, the SafeAwake alerts you with bed shaker, a flashing white light and a high decibel, low frequency (520Hz) alarm. This 520Hz tone has been proven to be significantly more effective at waking those with mild to severe hearing loss when compared to the standard domestic and commercial smoke alarm audible signal which currently produces a 3000Hz signal.

SafeAwake on Welcome Home


  • Intermittent bed shaker: 18% more effective than continuous signal bed shakers for alerting the hard of hearing
  • Low frequency 520Hz sound: 30% more effective than high frequency sound (3,200Hz) for the hard of hearing
  • Fast sound reception for smoke alarms with T3 sound
  • Indicator light tells user that SafeAwake is active
  • Plug-in power supply with battery backup provides continuous notification of operating T3 smoke detectors
  • Large Test button
  • Auto Shutoff and Reset after 2 minutes
  • UL 217 and UL1971 labels


The SafeAwake Fire Alarm Aid provides notification for individuals of all hearing levels The bed shaker with 9ft cord is important for waking deaf individuals or sound sleepers who are asleep in bed, while the 520Hz low frequency alarm can aid those with high frequency hearing loss. The flashing light is intended to alert while awake.


The SafeAwake responds to any US domestic or commercial smoke detector manufactured after 1996 that requires the audible signal sound to emit an intermittent pattern in a standard temporal-3 (T3) audible format).


The device can be used in any domestic or commercial sleeping room equipped with standard smoke alarms within audible range with no need for any additional new fire detection equipment or hard-wiring. The product is a small 6" x 3" patented design device that is placed at a bedside nightstand or hung on a wall adjacent to the bed.


The user simply plugs into any 110-volt electrical bedside outlet and inserts the bed shaker under the mattress.


SafeAwake includes three CR-123 lithium-ion batteries to provide backup power for up to 24 hours in the event of an electrical power failure. A low battery light lets you know when the battery needs to be replaced.

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Warranty Two year warranty
Brand SafeAwake
Product Type Signaler
Language English

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  1. Unsatisfactory Review by Tracey
    Overall Satisfaction

    Needs a shut off switch. (Posted on 9/1/2017)

  2. Reliable Product Review by MC
    Overall Satisfaction

    This is our third purchase for the residence halls around campus. The system is effective for the students and interfaces nicely with our existing safety alerting systems. (Posted on 12/12/2016)

  3. Could be better Review by DG
    Overall Satisfaction

    The SafeAwake Fire Alarm will definitely awake me with the bed shaker. I have a cochlear implant, so something like this is definitely needed.
    Major complaint is that there is no shut-off button or reset button to turn the unit off once it is activated. I have had on several occasions to remove the AC power, and then to open the battery compartment to remove a battery to silence the unit. It was very frustrating. (Posted on 4/17/2016)

  4. Will wake you Review by Mike
    Overall Satisfaction

    This is a good product for the deaf or hard of hearing. We did have to install a new smoke detector that would activate this system. I was very pleased with this except the three batteries in this system were dead and I will check to see if they will send me the replacements. I am a Fire Marshal and we install smoke detectors and are trying this system out.
    (Posted on 11/17/2014)

  5. Must have. Review by Gina
    Overall Satisfaction

    We have the hearing alarms in the house, but my son does not hear it at all. He has a dog that stays with him 24/7, but she is older and losing hearing, sight and probably smell. My deaf son is an adult and from time to time I have to leave him at home alone. It makes me feel a bit better knowing that if a fire does break out while I am gone, my son will know it. I am happy that there are products on the market for the deaf. (Posted on 11/12/2013)

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