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Sonic Alert Sonic Shaker SBP100 Vibrating Travel Alarm Clock


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Quick Overview

One of our best selling vibrating travel clocks! The Sonic Shaker SBP100 from Sonic Alert is a compact, portable clock that's less than 4" in diameter, with a powerful vibrating alarm and folding cover to protect the clock settings.
  • Portable travel clock provides vibrating alerts when away from home.
  • Alerts with the loud audible alarm and/or vibrations.
  • Swivel and flush mounted display protects settings.
  • Battery operated (included).

Sonic Alert Sonic Shaker SBP100 Vibrating Travel Alarm Clock

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  • Sonic Alert Sonic Shaker SBP100 Vibrating Travel Alarm Clock
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  • Sonic Alert Sonic Shaker SBP100 Clock side view
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The Sonic Alert Sonic Shaker SBP100 travel alarm clock comes complete with batteries, pillow strap with clasp and a protective travel case. You can be awakened by the powerful bed shaker and/or loud pulsating alarm so you won't ever sleep through appointments, work or school.


  • 90dB audible alarm
  • Powerful vibration
  • Easy-to-set function keys
  • Easy-to-read 0.75" display
  • Standard size batteries included (2 AA; 1 AAA)
  • Travel case with pillow clasp included
  • Continuous four minute snooze
  • Swivel and flush mounted display protects settings
  • Manually lighted display for up to 50% longer battery life
  • Dimensions: 3-3/4" diameter

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Warranty One year warranty
Brand Sonic Alert
Product Type Alarm Clock
Alert by Audible, Vibration
Alarm Clock Style Travel
Lamp Plugin No
Built-In Signaler No
Dimensions 3-3/4" diameter
Power Source Battery
Battery Backup Yes
UPC 650518100060
  1. Exactly what I needed! Review by Miz Taz
    Overall Satisfaction

    It’s small for travel, love the clip to attach it to a pillow, strong vibrations and clear screen! I strongly recommend it. (Posted on 11/8/2017)

  2. Great for travel Review by sunshine
    Overall Satisfaction

    This is my second alarm of this design. First one stopped functioning accurately after a couple years of use. Have ordered another tho because I like the trim design..fits comfortably under pillow and stays secure with clip. My hands are I have no problem setting or using the controls. (Posted on 8/21/2017)

  3. Satisfactory Review by Silver Eagle
    Overall Satisfaction

    I was satisfied with this product. It is useful for traveling. (Posted on 7/10/2017)

  4. old and new Review by baber
    Overall Satisfaction

    i had to order travel alarm clock cuz my old one is not good. i had that old one for 5 or 6 years since i moved to different apartment. so i love new one!! thank you very much (Posted on 11/7/2016)

  5. Alarm clock Review by Kristin
    Overall Satisfaction

    This alarm clock works well and easy to use. (Posted on 10/30/2016)

  6. Good alarm, but... Review by Harold
    Overall Satisfaction

    This clock works well as an alarm clock, which is a primary consideration. The audible alarm, because of its tone and loudness, successfully woke me up. The vibrating alarm also worked for me. In addition, it is designed as a travel alarm clock, which was what I desired.
    However, I had a number of issues and concerns, which caused a reduction of 1 star. First, the light is worthless; the clock is very hard to read in the dark when the light is turned on. It appears that the light is not well-aimed and not bright enough. Second, because of the round shape of the clock and the placement of the buttons, it is difficult to locate the desired buttons in the dark to turn off the alarm. Finally, I have some concerns that the vibrating alarm may not be strong enough if I should move away from the pillow while tossing and turning in my sleep.
    The clock was very easy to set, with the directions useful primarily to identify the different buttons and their functions. This is the best travel alarm clock I have found for myself, with my hearing impairments. I previously ordered a couple of clocks from other vendors, but returned them because they failed to wake me up; they may have been not loud enough or emitted a beeping sound that I cannot hear with my tinnitus problems. Thus, I had sent Harris Communications an email before ordering the clock, inquiring into the nature of the audible alarm, because I had read a review that said that she was not able to hear the audible alarm, which she characterized as a high beep. I never received a response to that email, but went ahead and ordered this clock anyway after a recommendation from my audiologist; fortunately, it seems to have worked out. (Posted on 10/9/2016)

  7. Loving it Review by Joe
    Overall Satisfaction

    So far, it has been a great vibrating clock. Used it several times. Sleeping better some at nights knowing that the strong vibrating clock will wake me. (Posted on 6/4/2016)

  8. unreliable Review by thomas
    Overall Satisfaction

    It started to fail after being used only a few times. The vibrator still works when I test it, but I never know if it will come on at the right time, or if it will just sit there, and refuse to function. (Posted on 6/1/2016)

  9. does the job for now. Review by Pat
    Overall Satisfaction

    So far so good second one in less than a year first one stopped vibrating shortly after purchase. Would have turned it but more hassle than it's worth different brand let's see if this one last longer (Posted on 5/24/2016)

  10. Very satisfied Review by MDM
    Overall Satisfaction

    I can fall asleep without worrying that my alarm won't wake me in the morning. Because of the palm-sized shape, it slides easily under my pillow. The clip is strong and I have had no problem keeping it in place. The alarm sound is not loud enough to wake me, but I use only vibrations to prevent waking my husband. I will be travelling with the alarm and have made it a habit to unclip it every morning. I am happy to have the peace of mind this alarm has given me. (Posted on 3/4/2016)

  11. Can't travel without this!! Review by Tracy
    Overall Satisfaction

    I love this alarm clock when I am traveling! I just bought my husband one as he borrows mine all the time. The trick is to remember to put it back in my bag after I use it! (Posted on 12/28/2015)

  12. Sonic Alert Sonic Shaker Review by Peppermint Patty
    Overall Satisfaction

    I had to replace it as my old one died.The new clock is awesome!So much better than the old one.Great customer service.Fast shipping.Im very happy! (Posted on 11/23/2015)

  13. Satisfaction Review by Luc
    Overall Satisfaction

    Love how small it is and how it is designed: the clock standing then flatten with the alarm. How convenient. Portable and reliable. The night light is bright and easy to use! Its no-fail device. Highly recommended. (Posted on 9/24/2015)

  14. Good product & Tiny buttons Review by Sheba
    Overall Satisfaction

    It works pretty well as long as I can press those tiny buttons to change time. I had to use my finger nails to do that, I gave it five stars because it helped wake me up. (Posted on 9/23/2015)

  15. Great Product Review by VT Mom
    Overall Satisfaction

    So far, this is working out great for my 14 year old son who has hearing loss. He tried it the first day and has used it daily with no complaints; he is at a week long camp and took it with him so we will see how it works there. Good quality product. I would recommend it. (Posted on 6/22/2015)

  16. Great product Review by Angel
    Overall Satisfaction

    Like the pillow clip as I often knock things off bed while sleeping. Good vibration for waking. Easy buttons to use for all of its functions. (Posted on 5/12/2015)

  17. Very pleased. Review by Douglas
    Overall Satisfaction

    much easy to carry it when travelling. when I just tested it for few nights I slept. It was easy to wake when vibrating. (Posted on 5/7/2015)

  18. Great little alarm Review by Cario
    Overall Satisfaction

    Used this as my daily alarm until it got accidentally left behind in a hotel.

    Pros - Great battery life, decent vibration, easy to program, test button allows you to easily see what vibration, buzz, and vibration/buzz combo feels like, can function as a miniature flashlight.

    Cons - Placement of light shines in your eyes unless the time screen is flipped up completely...wish the screen were back-lit instead. Exact opposite placement of alarm on/off and vib, buzz, vib/buzz buttons are confusing in that moment when you first wake up and are just trying to figure out how to turn it off. (Posted on 1/13/2014)

  19. Vergy good Review by Momof2
    Overall Satisfaction

    This is my third shake awake alarm, I think in 2 years. The clock is awesome, and does it job. The first clock got thrown in my washing machine the first time. (my fault!) .. The second one, my husband accidently knocked it off and the snooze/light would not work after the first "shake". I had to buy another one because I need more than one "shake" to get out of bed. :-) It seems it breaks easily which is why I gave it four stars. (Posted on 9/23/2013)

  20. My daughters love this clock Review by Josh
    Overall Satisfaction

    Ordered two of these clocks for my two young deaf daughters aged 7 and 9 years old. They love it, and they're able to independently set the alarm each evening to wake them up for school. Simple enough for my daughters (and me!) to use, strong enough to wake them up, and sleek enough to put in their pillows. Thank you! (Posted on 9/23/2013)

  21. terrible, unreliable Review by mjedje
    Overall Satisfaction

    this alarm clock will not stay on, shuts down, and misses alarm settings, despite replacement of batteries on a frequent basis.
    Don't trust it, won't recommend it. (Posted on 9/12/2013)

  22. Didn't work for me. Review by Linda
    Overall Satisfaction

    I was disappointed. The sound was a high beep which I cannot hear when my hearing aids are out- duh! Also, for some reason, the vibration never awakened me. Am returning it. (Posted on 9/9/2013)

  23. Excellent product Review by Eddie
    Overall Satisfaction

    Love it and it does help wake me up! vibrate is strong and the product is thin enough to put under pillow... Thanks (Posted on 8/28/2013)

  24. works well Review by Niteowl
    Overall Satisfaction

    Product works well and it is portable. (Posted on 8/26/2013)

  25. Great for hard of hearing! Review by aXo
    Overall Satisfaction

    Reliable : easy to use and a system of test makes you sure, it will ring/vibrate at the right time, with enough noise.
    Simple, efficient and cheap! No stress.
    The guy who designed that product took the time to think about everything.
    Vibration is strong. As i am very hard of hearing, i just fixed it on an empty plastic box (or on a ceramic plate) : it increases seriously the noise when vibrating. (Posted on 1/19/2013)

  26. liked but time screen became foggy, can no longer read Review by rose
    Overall Satisfaction

    Mine worked fine for 1 yr, then the face screen became foggy looking to where I can no longer see what time it is. I put it in rice thinking moisture problem but that did not help. (Posted on 6/29/2012)

  27. Okay Review by Brenda
    Overall Satisfaction

    I really love this Sonic Shaker. It is small, easy to fit in luggage and to travel with. Except there is a disadvantage. Sometimes it vibrates, sometimes it doesn't. I don't know why. I even had the same problem with its older model. I thought it had to do with aging, that's why I bought a new one. Yet still there is the same problem. I changed the batteries for both time and vibration, still having problem. (Posted on 9/27/2011)

  28. Ideal Travel Size Review by S.S
    Overall Satisfaction

    - good vibrating, but not very strong enough for a heavy sleeper
    - snooze is a little bit too short
    - the battery life in this clock is very reliable
    - the lighting isnt bright enough to see the time, but shouldnt be a problem if it s a daytime (Posted on 4/9/2011)

  29. Pros / Cons Vibration Review by Oregonian
    Overall Satisfaction

    (Pros): Excellent vibrating, Digital easy to read, Fit under luggage size and Easy reprogramming with simplify. Unless If you snooze over, over and over again, No problem!

    (Cons): Vibrate stop and they won't resume vibrating again after one minute. Manufacture would need to reprogramming those vibrating correctly every 7 to 10 minutes until you snooze it or stop it. That's why I'm given those rating down to 3 stars. (Posted on 5/31/2010)

  30. Great Review by Rae
    Overall Satisfaction

    I love it and am going to purchase another one as I lost my during a move to a different city. (Posted on 5/13/2010)

  31. very good for travel Review by Aquiles
    Overall Satisfaction

    Confortable and easy to use, strong vibrating (Posted on 9/27/2009)

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