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Sonic Alert Traditional System SS1200C Signaling Combo


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This Sonic Alert Traditional System Starter Pack offers great value and performance, alerting you to the doorbell, phone/VP and alarm clock in up to four different rooms! Save over $100 when you purchase this all-in-one value pack.

Sonic Alert Traditional System SS1200C Signaling Combo

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Wireless Multi-Room Signaling System for Doorbell, Phone and Alarm Clock Notification
The Sonic Alert Traditional System SS1200C alerts you to the doorbell, telephone/VP and alarm clock in up to four rooms. The system can be expanded to unlimited rooms by adding additional receivers.

With easy setup and ease-of-use, the SS1200C offers great value and performance. Read below to find out more about the features of each item that's included in the system. The Sonic System also works with the VP200 and ZBox!

Sonic Boom SB1000 Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

Waking up is easy, even for deep sleepers, with the Sonic Boom SB1000's powerful bed shaker, light (through a connected lamp), and loud 98dB buzzer. Not only is it an alarm clock, but the SB1000 has a built-in receiver, so you can receive telephone/VP and door notifications even in your bedroom.

DB200 Combination Doorbell/Telephone Signaler

Place the DB200 in a second location in your home, such as the living room or another bedroom, for door and telephone alerting. It has an outlet for plugging in a lamp that will flash when someone rings the doorbell or calls you. It even has different flashing patterns so you'll know whether someone is ringing the front or rear doorbell. The signaler plugs into the telephone jack, so it does not draw power from the phone line.

SA101 Remote Receiver FREE!

The SA101 is a remote receiver that has an outlet for plugging in a lamp, and will alert to the doorbell and phone/VP. It is ideal for places where a lamp is not needed for room lighting, such as a hallway, because the lamp connected to the receiver may only be used for signaling.

BL300 Strobe Receiver FREE!

The BL300 is a remote receiver with built-in strobe flasher. Place it where you don't need a lamp, such as the dining room, hallway or bathroom. With a strobe that's 8x brighter than add-on strobe models, the BL300 can even be placed behind furniture.
Warranty Five year warranty
Brand Sonic Alert
Product Type Signaler
Signaler Type Receiver, Transmitter
Compatible Signaling System Sonic Alert Traditional
Alert by Audible, Vibration, Visual (Lamp/Light/Strobe)
Signals to Doorbell, Landline Phone/VP, Alarm Clock
Do I need another product to make this work? Everything is included for door, phone and alarm clock notification. Add additional Traditional System transmitters to be alerted to more events and receivers to be alerted in more rooms
Signaler Style Desktop
Signaler Alert Type Light, Vibration
Lamp Plugin Yes
Vibrating Alert Yes
What's in the Box SB1000 Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker; DB200 chime with telephone cord and doorbell button with mounting hardware, 12V battery and chime box patch cord; SA-101 Remote Receiver and BL 300 Strobe Receiver
UPC SB1000: 650518100107; DB 200: 650518100404
  1. Great except one thing Review by PG
    Overall Satisfaction

    The overall set up is great and very helpful!!! The only downside of this set is the strobe light; once in a while it would flash once or twice randomly, this is very annoying. At the end of the day, I rather keep the whole set because the strobe light does flashes when the door button is pressed and when my VP (videophone) is ringing, and the light flashes on 2 different rhythm flashes. I will just have to learn live with random strobe flash. I just check other lights if it is flashing or not when the strobe light goes off at random time. Again, overall it is a great set to get!. (Posted on 1/29/2017)

  2. Didn't work. Review by customer
    Overall Satisfaction

    The alarm clock & bed shaker works fine. The door bell & receiver did not work. Returned everything but the clock & bed shaker. (Posted on 2/4/2014)

  3. Great Purchase Review by Roe
    Overall Satisfaction

    The phone, clock and doorbell are all set up. The phone and clock are both on vibrator. The phone also has a lamp plugged in that goes off and on when phone rings. I am practically deaf when my hearing aids are out. I cannot use the alarm on clock so I have that shut off and just use vibrator which is perfect. The phone is set up in bedroom so that in an emergency at night, I will know that my phone is ringing. I have CapCall phone that I can talk on. The doorbell is set up with strobe and is perfect. Doorbell rings and strobe flashes. For me this helps eliminate fear of not being able to hear these basic devices. NOW I NEED TO KNOW IF THERE IS SOMETHING THAT YOU AND ADT MIGHT HAVE TO HELP VISUALLY KNOW IF THE ALARM SHOULD GO OFF DURING THE NIGHT AND I DON'T HEAR IT. I HAVE ADT SECURITY. (Posted on 12/18/2013)

  4. defective items Review by AJ
    Overall Satisfaction

    One doorbell device that came with a dead battery. After battery replacement, the signal transmitter is still not working. Sent both devices back I asked the operator does the company inspected those items to ensure they're working before shipping them to a customer. He said that this company does not do that. Huh?

    (Posted on 12/16/2013)

  5. Disappointed Review by Cate
    Overall Satisfaction

    We are returning 2 of the products. The clock emits an alarm for no apparent reason at sporadic intervals. The transmitter can't be used with the strobe that is included. An odd & useless combination. Very dissatisfied. (Posted on 7/19/2013)

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